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Richard go offers the 1st whole and distinctive account of Duns Scotus's concept of cognition, tracing the strategies concerned with cognition from sensation, via instinct and abstraction, to conceptual proposal. He offers an research of the ontological prestige of some of the psychological goods (acts and tendencies) all in favour of cognition, and a brand new account of Scotus on nature of conceptual content material. move is going directly to supply a singular, reductionist, interpretation of
Scotus's view of the ontological prestige of representational content material, in addition to new money owed of Scotus's critiques on intuitive cognition, intelligible species, and the sorts of realization. Scotus used to be a perceptive yet hugely severe reader of his highbrow forebears, and this quantity places
his concept sincerely in the context of thirteenth-century reflections on cognitive psychology, inspired as they have been by way of Aristotle, Augustine, and Avicenna. so far as attainable, Duns Scotus's idea of Cognition strains advancements in Scotus's suggestion in the course of the ten or so hugely efficient years that shaped the majority of his highbrow life.

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